Nationalt Videncenter for Læsning
Humletorvet 3
1799 København V

+45 41 89 90 90

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The National Centre for Reading was founded in 2006 as an initiative by the Danish Ministry of Education. Today it is part of the Danish University Colleges.

The mission of the Centre is to promote reading, writing and language development efforts at a national level and to help develop and maintain a high professional level in the University Colleges in Denmark.

Our primary aim is to convey knowledge and research from universities to practical use in the Danish school system. The Centre works to let pupils reap the benefits of scholarly work at the universities. We address a very wide audience consisting of both teachers in primary and secondary school, kindergarten teachers, teachers at the University Colleges, reading consultants and reading instructors. The Centre is situated in Copenhagen, but our projects and activities go on everywhere in Denmark.

The National Centre for Reading is financed by the University Colleges in Denmark.

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