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The National Centre for Reading

The National Centre for Reading collects, creates and circulates knowledge about literacy, reading, writing and language for the benefit of society as a whole, as well as for the benefit of the individual human being.

The vision is to contribute so that everyone develop their skills within literacy, reading, writing and languages, and thereby getting an opportunity to improve themselves and to take active part in society.


The National Centre for Reading was established in 2006 on the initiative of the Danish Ministry of Education, and is now operating through a cooperation between the seven university colleges in Denmark.

The centre is housed as part of the University College Capital (UCC) in Copenhagen. The university colleges finance part of the operating costs, while income generated from projects, conferences and consultancies covers the major part of the costs of the centre.

Research and development projects

Knowledge is collected and created through research- and development projects carried out in cooperation with university colleges, universities, schools and day care centres, decentral government entities and other knowledge centres in Denmark, as well as in other Scandinavian countries.

The projects address small children in daycare centers as well as children in primary school and older students in youth and adult education.


The particular expertise offered by the National Centre for Reading lies within literacy, understanding reading, writing, speech and other communication as a social and cultural activity.

The centre employs this understanding in all its activities.

Research develops praxis

Cases from daily life, or experiences obtained from field observations, form basis for project design.

With a starting point in research, and existing praxis in, for instance, daycare centers, schools and youth education, actual issues and limitations within literacy are identified, and the project is designed in such a way, that every participant and beneficiary in the project contributes to new development.

The projects are carried out in cooperation between professional teachers, pedagogues and advisers, and researchers and lecturers.


The National Centre for Reading communicates knowledge about literacy widely and through several channels such as the homepage, newsletters, social media,, the journal “Viden om Literacy” (Knowledge about Literacy), conferences and courses.

Both knowledge obtained from project interventions initiated by the centre, and knowledge collected from other methodological, theoretical and praxis domains, are communicated so different approaches to the work with, and to the understanding of literacy, is brought forward.

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