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The National Centre for Reading

The Centre’s Vision

The National Centre for Reading is working towards a society where everyone has proper and sufficient literacy abilities.

The Centre’s Mission

The National Centre for Reading collaborates with teachers and other people working with children as well as researchers and others developing knowledge about literacy for the benefit of the individual and society. For that reason, we collect, create and spread knowledge about literacy.

Focus Areas

The Centre will be operating in three different focus areas in 2017 and 2018. These are as follows: Early Literacy, Literacy Didactics in Elementary School and Literacy during Education and during Work Life. The focus areas will attempt to secure the development of the Centre’s knowledge in professionally relevant fields and venture to include a wide target audience.

The Centre’s work in the different focus areas are characterized by the following strategic objectives:
● To work with the participation aspect in connection with the execution of any school work.
● To work with pedagogical direction as a way of putting knowledge of literacy into practice.
● To further develop the Centre’s methodical awareness.

Research and Development Projects

Knowledge is acquired and developed through research and development projects. These projects have been carried out in cooperation with university colleges, universities, schools, day-care centres, municipalities and other knowledge centres in Denmark as well as knowledge centres in other Scandinavian countries.
The projects are directed both at small children in day-care centres and at students of all ages throughout the entire Danish educational system.


Observations from daily school life form a basis for shaping the project design. In combination with research and established practices, current issues concerning literacy are identified, and projects are developed in a way that prepares the ground for participants to contribute to the collective development of knowledge and new practices.
The projects are carried out in collaboration with teachers, preschool teachers, pedagogues, advisers, researchers and lecturers.


The National Centre for Reading communicates knowledge about literacy widely through various channels, such as, newsletters, social media, YouTube, the journal ‘Viden om Literacy’ (Knowledge about Literacy), conferences and courses. Knowledge acquired from projects initiated by the Centre as well as knowledge obtained through other methodological and theoretical fields is communicated in a way that puts emphasis on the Centre’s many different approaches to working with and understanding literacy.


The National Centre for Reading was established in 2006 on the initiative of the Danish Ministry of Education, and it is now operating in cooperation with all six university colleges in Denmark.
The Centre is located in Copenhagen and is part of the University College Copenhagen. Part of the operation costs are funded by the Danish university colleges, while income generated from projects, conferences and consultancies covers the majority of the Centre’s costs.

Our Definition of Literacy

Literacy is the human ability to decode, understand and utilise signs such as letters, numbers, diagrams, graphs, drawings and pictures. A precondition for literacy is spoken language and pragmatic understanding.

How the Centre Works with Literacy

Signs and their inherent meanings are realised through communication between people, and for that reason, literacy-pedagogy emphasises the importance of a communicative environment based on people’s social reality and cultural background. Children, adolescents and adults must feel like communication participants and learn that literacy will give them abilities to express individual ideas and viewpoints along with giving them competence to interpret and understand the ideas and opinions of others.

Professional Presentations

The National Centre for Reading offers professional presentations in various fields, all of which are mentioned below. Contact Head of Centre, Lene Storgaard Brok, by email - - if you wish to book a professional presentation.

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